Ten Books

I’m not a ‘repost and tag’ sort of person on Facebook. I dislike being arbitrarily tagged in things which are not directly relevant or useful, and have a bit of a weird relationship with Facebook anyway. I tried, last year, not to have Facebook at all, but it turns out that these days, if you don’t use it you can pretty much say goodbye to knowing about events.

One thing that I have taken an interest in recently is the ‘ten books which influenced you’ post which is doing the rounds. I’ve adored reading for as long as I can remember, and was reading well before I first went to primary school. It led me into whole new worlds, and they were my worlds because for all the words can describe a thing, your imagination of it is unique. It’s one reason why I, and probably countless other people, often find films of well loved books rather disappointing. I must have read thousands upon thousands of books in my life, so it’s difficult to remember all of them, let alone pick ten which I consider have influenced me. Every single book I read influences me to some extent, and there are so many ways in which they can do so.