Previously blogging about photography related things as A Negative Influence, my interest in pure photography began to wane a while back, as interests in other media took hold. I realised that I wanted to write about much more than photography (and about varied topics in general), and in fact had very little to say on the subject anymore. Not wanting to suddenly veer off in a completely new direction with that particular site, I felt that a fresh start was the best route.

At around the same time, I had started to write again after a 15 year break, and I wanted somewhere I could easily post not only small opinion articles and reviews and such, but also short pieces of fiction which I could ask friends to take a look at if they had a moment spare.

I had been using the Blank Borders name for a while on Twitter and Tumblr, as a nod towards my love of instant photography, but I realised that it was a broadly encompassing moniker that could refer to writing too.

As yet I have no plan to limit the scope of my subject matter, but since my major interests lie in the areas of art, photography, culture, literature, writing, British history, real ale, good food and alternative subculture, it’s most likely that those areas are where I will be drawing my influence. In time, I suspect that things will naturally refine themselves.

Why a public blog rather than a journal, or a website? Because I like the idea that anybody can come along and read what I have to say. Even if nobody does, the possibility is there. There’s a community aspect to blogging which has a much different dynamic to, say, Facebook, and it’s a dynamic which appeals to me. I don’t feel as if I’m talking to myself, but neither do I feel like I’m talking over fifty other people in a small room.

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  1. Lee Clarke

     /  June 25, 2014

    Hi Amy,

    You write very eloquent and interesting articles. It’s great to see you found an outlet to channel your creativity through.


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