Full Steam Ahead in Llanfyllin

Originally, this summer, I had planned to attend the ill-fated Alt Fest, and whilst I could write entire standalone posts about the events surrounding its demise, and my thoughts and feelings on the situation, many people have already written such articles, and there doesn’t seem to be much more to say on the subject.

What is marvellous is the response from the alternative scene to the disappointment of a cancelled festival. From the ashes of Alt Fest, and with a time frame of less than a fortnight, a handful of smaller events popped up across the country. In Kettering, the original location for the festival, many of the bands due to play the festival managed to reschedule smaller gigs around the town, and so anybody with standing bookings for hotels in the area still had something to do whilst they were there. In London, a similar event took place, with bands playing across the city over the course of the weekend. Then there was The Steampunk Experience. Due to be one of the areas at the festival, the organisers managed to locate a venue, reorganise some of the acts, and build a two stage standalone event at the beautiful Llanfyllin Workhouse, just over the Welsh border. Full Steam Metal Racket was born.