Raw and open
Like burning every journal, every diary you ever kept
Only to pour out every private word one rainy night after too much wine
To a stranger in a dingy bar
You can keep your therapists and anti-depressants
Shove your detox up your colonic irrigation
Fuck fasting and juice cleanses
Ten mile runs on Sunday mornings before anybody else is awake
Give me long weekends
Late mornings spent in bed, naked bodies spooning, sweat soaked sheets
Give me hangovers and hair of the dog
Lips red raw from smoking and kissing the night before
Layering on too much makeup to cover up the stubble rash
Give me languishing, because it’s a fucking great word
Like other L words I associate with you: lust, longing
Give me walking hand in hand through white walled galleries
Birds nest hair and the same jeans I’ve been wearing for days
Give me permanently paint stained fingernails
Smudged charcoal on my forehead
Give me all those people in the street who stare
I wonder if they know that I don’t care

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